Your name
Customer Name
If other, detail Customer Name
Manager Name
If other, detail Manager Name
Site Name
Employee Name
Employee PIN (6 digits)
SIA badge in date and visible?
ID Badge in date and visible?

Topical Question
Is the employee using Engage-IT, the employee portal
Any comments or feedback

Appearance and PPE fit for purpose (Uniform, Shoes e.t.c.)
All uniform requests dealt with
Comments (Last request made to who and when, if outstanding)

Pay and Holiday
Employes being paid correctly?
When was employee's last holiday?
Next Holiday?

What communication do they have from Carlisle Support Services?
Other Communication received
Are there any health and safety issues you are aware of?
What do you like about working for Carlisle? (Be specific)
What could be done better?
Who else do you see from Carlisle?
Observation: Whilst on site did you see the client?
Client name (if seen)
Observation: Base/Vehicle/Equipment fit for purpose?

Notes/Actions required
Enter any notes (include any observations about general working practices)

Key Indicators
Appearance and Grooming

1 – Employee was scruffy. Their uniform wasn’t ironed. They were missing key items of PPE / uniform.
2 – Employee was acceptable in their appearance but was missing a key item of PPE / uniform.
3 – Employee was at the expected standard of uniform.
4 – Employee looked best in class, they were smart, well groomed, and appeared to be caring about their appearance.
5 – Employee had clearly gone above and beyond to present themselves in all areas of appearance and grooming. There are clear examples of this such as polished boots, name badge, facial hair groomed, all uniform items clean and ironed.

Communication / Customer Service Skills

1 – Employee’s communication was very poor. Standard of communication was clearly hindering conversation
2 – Employee had a level of communication that was challenged but conversation was possible after seeking clarification.
3 – Employee’s communication skills were at an acceptable standard.
4 – Employee is able to present themselves in a manner that excels in customer service but they stop short of developing on-going conversation.
5 – Employee spoke with grace and was able to react fully to prompts and body language. They would offer additional questions to points raised.

Performance of Task / Job Role when observed

1 – Employee struggled immensely to perform the job role that they are deployed to fulfill.
2 – Employee was able to process the function of their role but it felt ‘clunky’ whilst being observed.
3 – Employee showed the acceptable level of job performance.
4 – Employee went above and beyond what would be expected for the role. Customer felt comfortable and at ease.
5 – Employee is a natural in the role they do. You would put them in the ‘best of the best category’ and recommend them to any client.

Response to Question ‘What are the objectives of your role here?’

1 – Employee had a blank look. They simply didn’t understand any of the client’s objectives. They were here for a shift and nothing more.
2 – Employee could recall some of the client’s requirement and reason for them being deployed.
3 – Employee had appreciated and could relay the core elements of their role.
4 – Employee clearly understood what the client was wanting to achieve by deploying them into the role. They could demonstrate ‘what good looks like’.
5 – Employee was outstanding. They were able to detail the client’s vision and values, whilst also detailing how they went above and beyond.

CSS-Q-F-62 – CSS Management Visit Form – Issue 1 – September 2017